Regrets of single girls

Regrets which are very difficult to get rid of.

Unfortunately, valuable and wise thoughts come to us when becomes already late. Quite often the loneliness is result of own delusions or incorrect installations.

lonely girl

The loneliness is the investigation, the reasons are much more deeply. Not all are ready to admit to themselves that a part of fault lies on the girl, and it is easier to think that the destiny so disposed or it was not succeeded to meet the worthy man. Only over time bitter understanding comes that already nothing can be changed or corrected as time not to return any more.

Let’s sort the most frequent acts about which the lonely girl is sorry sooner or later:

Did not give a chance

It was too exacting/is cold/is captious. Love from the first sight is seldom and generally in the script of movies or children’s fairy tales where heroes at first sight fell in love to unconsciousness and lived long and happily. In real life to understand, a person is yours or not, is several dates, and to someone are necessary several months. Besides, wrong opinion: the man has to try to obtain and win me – not promote the expected result at all, it is rather on the contrary. Most party girls just want to have fun and they don’t care about guys in long term perspective. Everything changes than their beauty is starting to fade away, and what a surprise – very few guys want them now and they are sad about that.

Lost true love

Quite often the people consisting in a relationship cease to appreciate the second half. It seems that this relationship became obsolete, and to find new love – a real trifle. Simple quarrels develop into the global tragedy which quite often comes to an end with a painful gap. Pride, unwillingness to consider the interests of the second half, stagnation, etc. Only after time you can understand that it was necessary to value a relationship and the person who was at that time near you.

Preferred career or freedom instead relationship

“I am still too young to burden myself with a relationship”, “at first it is necessary to construct career, and then to think of a relationship”. It is the incorrect meta program “or … or …”. Or career or a relationship, either freedom or a duty to belong. Good relations and successful career are not mutually exclusive concepts, but each other supplementing. You should not choose something one and to put the block on love and a relationship, otherwise in the future it is possible to regret about it very much.

Was afraid to take a risk

Life not always consists of the joyful and cloudless moments and quite often throws up situations where it is worth making cardinal decisions. The refusal of habitual tenor of life is led to strong resistance, but nevertheless is sometimes a compulsory measure and the only possible option for continuation of a relationship: moving to other city / country to the second half, refusal of an addiction, an act which is very important for the partner. The unwillingness or fear to change the life for the sake of another can become later the reason of painful experiences and regrets.

Spent time for the unloved person

Sometimes the fear to remain single is so big that the girl marries “any man”. Both spouses suffer in this case. Lack of sincere feelings and proximity of spirit affect the atmosphere in the house, over time a relationship comes to an end sooner or later, and time in this case is irrevocably missed.

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