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There are girls that are too hot for Playboy; girls who are just to hot to be walking around, making men break their necks and backs trying to get close to those angels. Well, GipsyMara is one of those angels. She is an incredibly cute girl from Russia. Somehow it seems that Russian blondes are the hottest little fair-haired vixens there are. GipsyMara’s face will make you fall in love, literally.


She has those dreamy, blue eyes that are alone enough to seduce you like you have never been seduced. Her full, soft lips speak the sweetest words in the sweetest accent we all came to love in movies. And then you look down from her face, following the perfect lines of her neck and you begin to lose your mind over her creamy, silky skin. And then her majestic, natural boobs hit you like a ton of bricks and you will enjoy watching her squeezing these melons and your eyes will like what they see – sure thing. And your heart starts to race as you see the rest of her, a cute, round booty and finely sculpted legs. And you know you’re watching at a special girl. A good, friendly girl who is always up for some private time with nice, generous guys.

tightrussiangirl What always gets me on live webcams is that Russian girls has something that just have a magical effect on me, I don’t know if it’s their beauty or that I had a real life meeting with a ton of horny Russian girls from all over the world. I travel a lot and found that in most countries there is a pretty big Russian community with a lot of hot girls in them. These girls love real men and of course they take care of their beauty like a maniacs because they want to have sex with the most dominant males, and these guys are very picky about girls – and Russians are dominating, just for example take any celebrity and you will see that he will have a Russian girlfriend with him and she looks damn hot. That is why I prefer them to have webcam sex with because there are just different and of course way better in bed than any other girl I have ever met online or in real life. As you may understood by now – I’m a dead end fan of Eastern European girls and Russians are my favorites so if I see the hottie online I go straight to private because I’m confident that I will get what I want from a cam girl. IF you still didn’t tried a private with any of these hot babes – you should without a question.

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