Flickering revenge: girl filled up apartment of cheating boyfriend with spangles

The deceived woman laid out result of the creation in TikTok.

Cheating is one of the most terrible acts which the second half can make. So far some say that it is better to close eyes to male infidelity, others carefully think over the plan to sweep and with pleasure realize it. However, some do it in especially sophisticated way.

flickering spangles from hands

To get revenge for the ex-boyfriend, it is not obligatory to try to twirl an affair with his best friend or to dismiss about him rumors. It is enough to arm with spangles. Sounds strange, but the user of TikTok under hollynicoleeee_ nickname used such method.


It’s not key his car in 2021.. no, it’s glitter his EVERYTHING 2021 #fyp #cheaters

♬ Before He Cheats – Carrie Underwood

The girl posted video on which she scatters spangles on all apartment of the ex-boyfriend who cheated on her with one of Livejasmin girls. The blogger approached process responsibly. That the apartment of the traitor shone all colors of the rainbow, it stocked up with glitter of different colors. As a result of a spangle appeared everywhere: in the bathroom, a sink, on carpets, towels, a sofa and even in sneakers. It seems, after such message the owner of the apartment regretted about the act still more than once.

Many estimated creative approach of the girl and her “brilliant” revenge. Video gained 29 million viewings, 5 million likes, and a fine half did not hide the delight. “Left brilliantly. I will leave for record”, “Quite so it is necessary to revenge”, “He will remember you until the end of life with gloss in eyes”, “At first it was necessary to use glue”, “It was insufficiently” – wrote it in comments. Subscribers agreed in opinion that at the guy years will leave to clean up the apartment.

However, there were also those who considered such act childish and toxic. “We can, please, cease to consider it norm? Leave and love yourself. Just let’s be good people” – one of users commented.

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